The Fishes and the Bees

Bees in an aquaponic system
Bees in an aquaponic system

For sometime I have been toying with the idea of installing a small aquaponics system in my yard.  Part of the sustainable lifestyle I am trying to lead is the important responsibility of raising as much of the food we eat as possible.  So the thought of breeding my own fish for eating, while their waste water recycles as nutrients in my veggie patch, cycling, cleansing and returning to the fish, really appeals to me.  I want some living systems to learn from as well as to grow my own provisions – at least within the capabilities of my (very) small garden.  I want to spend more time immersed in ‘nature’ than I do.  So all hyped up with that in mind I decided to visit a recommended aquaponics retailer.  Now I must say, although my research showed I’d have to wait a while for the fish to grow large enough for harvesting I was running a few recipes through my head on the way there.  As you do.  Unfortunately discussion with the helpful staff made me realise the tank I thought suited to my courtyard is not suited to having edible fish because of the small area.  Pop!! A bubble bursts, there goes that dream.  But in its place …. more room, bigger systems.  A girl can dream!  And speaking of learning – something I observed in the vegie beds which had just flushed with water, beautiful, buzzing, thirsty little bees.  It’s a perfect drinking hole for them because they cannot drown.  So there is another part in a wonderful cyclic system we need to care for.  These industrious little creatures play such an important role in maintaining our complex food structures.  Without them, it might be life, but not life as we know it.


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