Out the door, turn right and pay a visit ….

Tonight I jumped at the assignment opportunity to ‘visit the neighbours’.   There are so many wonderful blogs out there and so little time to read, at least while in the throes of learning how to use WordPress.  I presume once I have mastered the day to day aspects of blogging it will be easier to find time to include the joy of reading the work of others.  As part of a community, and not flying solo, I think such visits make blogging meaningful.  Without readers there is only us.  If there is only us, why are we writing in a public place?  I promise to make time to read your creations.

So how do you take your coffee?


14 thoughts on “Out the door, turn right and pay a visit ….”

  1. @europeantraveladventures for you, tea perhaps herbal? @Julie_dutra you will enjoy it all the more when you can. In the meantime there is always the smell 😉


  2. I drink tea my self! And I am not very good at visiting, I am afraid. My visits are rather random due to there is only 24 hours in a day and the need to do other things. But ambition is there. But I often get occupied with my ideas for pictures instead and the need to attend to things in the physical world. But internet is like a drug in itself! You can´t stay off it. At least I can´t. I wish you a great weekend!

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