Blueberry Smooch

I just luuuurve blueberries, star anise and cardamom. It never entered my mind to combine them. Now my whole being is quivering at the thought of making this beautiful recipe with my blueberries which are only one season old at the moment. Mostly I commune with them each morning, tickling a few off and enjoying them standing in the sun before all of the rest of the world intrudes on our special time 😉


I thought I’d share this recipe for one of my favorite recipes for fresh blueberries —Blueberry Smooch.  Several years ago I first found the recipe in the Province Newspaper. I clipped the page, made my first batch but somehow I lost the recipe. I have since found a similar recipe for Strawberry Smooch on the website. The ingredients are similar accept I think the original one slipped in a bit of vanilla. The last couple of years I have tweaked the recipe into Spiced Smooch by adding whole Star Anise and Cardamom pods. I count the number of pods and pull them out before processing or you can make a spice satchel out of cheesecloth.

If new to canning or if you don’t have the time you can also freeze the sauce to enjoy all winter long. It goes well with just about anything from icecream, cheesecake, pancakes and…

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