Preserving the Bounty: Easy Spiced Plum Jam for Beginners

Thank you Veronika for an “Eau My God” lovely, scented plum jam. I love the satsuma plums and star anise combination. Delightful and spicy, gorgeous with yoghurt, on toast or a beautiful gift. Simply amazing. 🙂

Eat The Roses

Edit:  if you are looking for a recipe for spiced fig jam to go with your cheese, it’s here and it’s just as easy and awesome as this one.  For plum jam, and the better-detailed rundown on equipment and hot-water processing, read on!

One of the things I adore most about autumn is the fruit – a generously wide variety of it, beautiful, ripe and inexpensive – in some cases even free, unless you count picking it and hauling it home.

Obviously, as the time and stomach volume permits, I munch away at all of this glorious bounty raw, or in pies and tarts, but there is something incredibly comforting about preserving some of the perfectly ripe fruit at the peak of its flavor in jam jars, to keep for when the landscape turns white and blue, to remind us (and the lucky recipients of such jars) that winter…

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