2020 Vision

We have hope in a burning country ….



2020 Vision. It’s the obvious pun, and I know I won’t be the only one making it. I’m still enthralled by it as a concept: A year of imagining a different kind of human existence. Is it possible that 2020 might just be the turn around year? 

I’m not much for goals. It has been my long experience that goals can be self-limiting. They can constrain us with our current thinking. What if the place we need to be is somewhere that we can’t even begin to imagine? How to we set that as a destination?

Most of the great moments in my life have not been the consequence of a clear goal. Life is not journey from one place to another, with a specific end point or high point. There may be medals to be won, degrees to be earned and to do lists to tick, but they are…

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