Simply Me

Welcome friend, to my little slice of the world.   It’s totally about me and my place in it.  Because there are many facets to me you may find posts differ dramatically from one to the next in their content.  Well maybe not initially while I grow to know you, after all I am an introvert 😉  My friends have described me in varying ways, some I agree with, some I’d rather not, but mostly I guess I am a little bit hippy, a little bit child, a little bit wise woman, a little bit lover, a little bit creator.  And a lot more little bits making up the whole.  A few years ago I was very active, dancing Latin/Brazilian styles 30+ hours a week, bushwalking, cycling, canoeing, hitting the gym on occasion as well.  But injury took me down which has impacted my physical, and as a result, my mental health too.  So far its been a tough two-year journey and I am now on track back towards a new version of healthy wellness for me.  This new version includes an exploration of strange and unfamiliar interests, new ways of looking at the world and finding joy in it again as well as a grudging acceptance regarding those things I used to love and my current inability to return to them.  At least not in the way I did before (…but if I can find a way ….).  So this is my journey, onwards and upwards and by no means will I rule out unforeseen side trips.  Feel free to ask what the flavour of the week is at any time, stop by for a quick squiz of what I am up to, what things have caught my eye.  You can join me or I will see you at the top.  The fun is in simply ‘being’.

monk steps


4 thoughts on “Simply Me”

  1. i am enjoying your blog, your thoughts and experiences. I’ve learned you are new to blogging and you considered writing a journal. Good for you that you chose blogging – something you can share with others. Keep going!


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