The Amazing Power of Scent

I don’t know about you, but for me a scent can send me spinning off into the dark caverns of memory, touching old thoughts, transporting me into hitherto forgotten scenes or awakening old emotions.

Sourdough bread, for example, that warm, wild and yeasty scent evoking memories of security; an incense bringing into sharp relief the memories of laughter and a precious friend’s welcome home from a trip to Nepal; a rose reminding me of a special time and place of joy or lavender, the rare times I spent with my grandmother on the other side of the country.

While working towards my decluttering challenge I picked up a book, long unopened, fanned through its pages breathing in the mustiness and was transported back years before the speed of the internet, email and mobile phones made us all a part of a new world and easily accessible.  Private time readings as a child, teenager and young adult was salve to my soul.  Many hours were spent in other worlds with a variety of characters, all while curled up on my bed with a late winter sun pouring through the window.

I decided against moving on those books just yet.  With autumn arrived I still have things to do in the garden, but those books …. well I am going to reread them all again before handing them over to the local charity store so that others can share the same stories.  I am going to have an amazing winter without TV, with the computer and phone turned off, and just dive into those worlds again with the cat curled up and a hot chocolate by my side.  I can smell it now.

I ask you ….

What during this last week or so has truly amazed you?  It may have been something that made you step back in surprise, splutter with laughter, sigh with reflection.   It may be simple, it may be complex.  What has really hit your attention, boggled your mind?  I’d like to know, if you’d like to share  🙂

Out the door, turn right and pay a visit ….

Tonight I jumped at the assignment opportunity to ‘visit the neighbours’.   There are so many wonderful blogs out there and so little time to read, at least while in the throes of learning how to use WordPress.  I presume once I have mastered the day to day aspects of blogging it will be easier to find time to include the joy of reading the work of others.  As part of a community, and not flying solo, I think such visits make blogging meaningful.  Without readers there is only us.  If there is only us, why are we writing in a public place?  I promise to make time to read your creations.

So how do you take your coffee?

Rock and Roll

Pebble Beach, Exmouth Western Australia
Pebble Beach, Exmouth Western Australia

From working seven days a week in three different jobs I finally managed to connect the dots to get three whole days off work in a row.  Pure magic!   Exmouth had a pin on the map, now I was getting the opportunity to visit, even if briefly.  There is much to feast your eyes on in North West Cape of Western Australia.  Try snorkelling on the Ningaloo Marine Park World Heritage Site!  It’s hard not to imagine you are a fish in a tropical fish tank, at least that was how I felt on my first float.  However, one of the simple things that truly took my breath away was possibly of less interest to many.  As a West Australian I think I can sometimes take long, empty stretches of white sand beaches for granted, as you can do with things that become everyday familiars.  But now I have another kind of beach to compare with that fine, soft sand.

Pebble Beach in Exmouth is made up of, you guessed it, pebbles!   This is not the norm for me.  I was totally astounded.  They were not rocks or coarse broken shells as I have seen in foreign photographs, but small, rounded pebbles which appeared to have been tumbled.  Each precious little rock had been rubbed smooth, as though having been lovingly touched, rolled around in a small hand over many years by a little boy to whom it was the most precious of items.  For me it conjured up all sorts of questions, who? how? when?  I lay on the rocks, as someone unfamiliar with white sand would lay upon sand. I suspect with a similar sense of wonder.  I trickled those rocks though my fingers with a certain reverence.  I am not a religious person, but when I realised each rock fell straight from a larger rock, each one already “tumbled” as the parent rock eroded and let it roll free I guess I came to wonder yet again at the magnificent simplicity of nature.  Dear Reader, I hope you too have the opportunity to experience such a sense of awe for something today.

Community, Blogging, Wonderful Worlds

Day 3 – Blogging 101 task of the day is not a difficult one.  Add five new topics to your reader and find five new blogs to follow.   Easily achieved, though I noted my Reader showed I many tags I already followed.  So very many.   A brief search on each tag for any appealing new blogs rustled up two to follow. Then adding a few considered tags and I interestingly located two bloggers with less than 10 followers each.  Buzz, buzz!!  I felt excited for them to receive a new follower, someone unrelated to them.  Special feeling.  As my instinct to hoard was showing, exemplified by a large number of tags, I managed them by deleting less well-considered ones, also adding several new topics.  Strangely enough, though I know several bloggers who do regularly monthly pieces with a specific title, not one came up from a tag search.  Not one person, so I may eventually start that tag.   Now, with new reading material sorted, a beautiful warm evening and a chilled glass of vino at hand I think its time to retire from class and enjoy entering the many other worlds on offer, it may just be your world I am lurking in.  Salute!

What’s In a Name?

Today I happened to be stewing on the name of my page so it’s funny that today’s assignment is exactly that.  I was wondering if I chose something that is right for me and what I want to do.   I came to the conclusion it is.  Perhaps it’s a little long, maybe not.  But it states exactly what I want – I want to recognise in each small (and big) thing something that is special, that sets it apart from everything else.  I want to be amazed.   I want to be amazed in my garden and in my kitchen, in my photographs, in coffee with the girls.  I want to be amazed everywhere and all the time.  Whether you choose to follow me and see amazing things or bring my attention to your amazing things is totally up to you, but I hope you come aboard for this journey of mine.  I’d like to share.

**Today I am simply amazed I have managed two blog posts  😉

Why not?

Hi, I’m Deborah.  Why blog?  I ask you, why not?  When deciding whether to journal or blog my decision was based partly on practicality – I type faster than write – and partly because I know there are other people out there interested in similar things as I.  I’ve been reading their blogs for a few years, gardening, travel near to home and far beyond the horizon, sustainability, photography and enjoying a good feed.  I’ve learnt a lot from them.  I’ve laughed a hell of a lot too and even cried occasionally.  It’s given me a simple joy to read them and perhaps someone else may get the same from mine.  I thank all those who have gone before, now it’s my turn for this journey.  Learning keeps the brain cells happy, so I will learn to blog.  I’d like to record the simple things and in the process of doing so perhaps be aware how those simple things can be amazing.  Oh, green is my favourite colour in case you didn’t know – so I made this post green.  Because I like it, because I can.