2020 Vision

We have hope in a burning country ….



2020 Vision. It’s the obvious pun, and I know I won’t be the only one making it. I’m still enthralled by it as a concept: A year of imagining a different kind of human existence. Is it possible that 2020 might just be the turn around year? 

I’m not much for goals. It has been my long experience that goals can be self-limiting. They can constrain us with our current thinking. What if the place we need to be is somewhere that we can’t even begin to imagine? How to we set that as a destination?

Most of the great moments in my life have not been the consequence of a clear goal. Life is not journey from one place to another, with a specific end point or high point. There may be medals to be won, degrees to be earned and to do lists to tick, but they are…

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Preserving the Bounty: Easy Spiced Plum Jam for Beginners

Thank you Veronika for an “Eau My God” lovely, scented plum jam. I love the satsuma plums and star anise combination. Delightful and spicy, gorgeous with yoghurt, on toast or a beautiful gift. Simply amazing. 🙂

Eat The Roses

Edit:  if you are looking for a recipe for spiced fig jam to go with your cheese, it’s here and it’s just as easy and awesome as this one.  For plum jam, and the better-detailed rundown on equipment and hot-water processing, read on!

One of the things I adore most about autumn is the fruit – a generously wide variety of it, beautiful, ripe and inexpensive – in some cases even free, unless you count picking it and hauling it home.

Obviously, as the time and stomach volume permits, I munch away at all of this glorious bounty raw, or in pies and tarts, but there is something incredibly comforting about preserving some of the perfectly ripe fruit at the peak of its flavor in jam jars, to keep for when the landscape turns white and blue, to remind us (and the lucky recipients of such jars) that winter…

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Mixing and Soaking Grains for Chickens

It’s the simple things, like providing good nutrition for your family and the animals who assist you in your day’s activities, which give me that pleasure tingle. Barb evokes this with her chicken feed post. See if it does it for you too.

Oh! and happy springtime to all in the southern hemisphere, while those in the north can now start turning inwards for review and renewal time.

Dream Harvest


Sometime ago I read that soaking activates nutrients and makes food more digestible. We started soaking and sprouting grains for ourselves and then for our precious chooks. Here’s the system we use for our chickens…

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My favourite facts about Iceland so far!

I really admire people who go to the less well-known parts of the globe and are ecstatic about being amazed by things so different from what they are accustomed to at home. However, when I got to the last point on this one I decided should I ever step onto Icelandic shores I may become a vegan. Enjoy the simple delight bought to you by Hannah 😀

Paying the Price

A truly inspirational post. How hard do you fight for your dreams, or do they simply stay as dreams? Have a read of this amazing story, it certainly made me sit back and review my goals, how much I want them and how hard I would work towards actually achieving them. Thanks Grace and Huy for this post (more simply amazing people – I recommend you read their story).


Everything in Nepal comes with a price. Freedom from poverty for those fortunate to be in a position to attain it, has a steep price, paid not only in money but in blood, sweat and tears.

Behind every smiling face here, there is a story of the price that is willing to be paid.

Whilst riding up Tiger mountain just outside Pokhara Valley, I got to hear just one of these many stories.

I met a young man at the top. He was resting after a grueling training run up. It was Saturday, the only day off in the Nepali week.

He was training to get a place in the Indian army as a famed Ghurka, and follow in the footsteps of his father.

My father has been serving in the Indian Army for 18 years. He lives in New Delhi together with my mum. I live in Pokhara with my…

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Blueberry Smooch

I just luuuurve blueberries, star anise and cardamom. It never entered my mind to combine them. Now my whole being is quivering at the thought of making this beautiful recipe with my blueberries which are only one season old at the moment. Mostly I commune with them each morning, tickling a few off and enjoying them standing in the sun before all of the rest of the world intrudes on our special time 😉


I thought I’d share this recipe for one of my favorite recipes for fresh blueberries —Blueberry Smooch.  Several years ago I first found the recipe in the Province Newspaper. I clipped the page, made my first batch but somehow I lost the recipe. I have since found a similar recipe for Strawberry Smooch on the http://www.homecanning.com website. The ingredients are similar accept I think the original one slipped in a bit of vanilla. The last couple of years I have tweaked the recipe into Spiced Smooch by adding whole Star Anise and Cardamom pods. I count the number of pods and pull them out before processing or you can make a spice satchel out of cheesecloth.

If new to canning or if you don’t have the time you can also freeze the sauce to enjoy all winter long. It goes well with just about anything from icecream, cheesecake, pancakes and…

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5 Things I Did Not Expect To Learn From Permaculture

A truly inspiring article and one that resonates very deeply with me. I am learning about permaculture presently and unfortunately had to postpone my own PDC for another 10 months. Most people I know who have done the course find that their worldview changes, their world changes and that amazing things happen. Please enjoy this read.

Shake This Land

I believe in the power of a good cry. Three years ago, I read a book called Eaarth by environmentalist Bill McKibben and it changed my life. Few things have had such a profoundly lasting effect on me, and I dealt with coming to terms with his depressing statistics and threatening realities through cycles of anger, dread, denial and hope. Interspersed with fits of crying, of course. For a long time I felt weighed down by his insights and powerless that his suggestions for changing the world could actually do so… What effect can one person really make by biking to the grocery store and using a reusable bag?! I can see the parking lot full of cars and the stacks on stacks of plastic bags ready to be used! Also, I cannot afford even one solar panel, dude.

One day in the middle of a good cry, I got sick…

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