Bubbles, Candles and Music

Rudyard Kipling has been credited with the quote, “Delight in the little things.”

I’ve been thinking on this trying to work out what the “little things” are.  My conclusion is they are the things we take for granted, the things you do not miss until they are gone often those same things which when you had them were accompanied by a lack of gratefulness.

My thoughts lie with my old hot water heater, which is now sitting on my driveway with the hope some resourceful person may want it for parts.   It has served me faithfully for one and a half decades, but 18 months ago it began to fail.  Until then I’d never given it a minute’s thought.  Over recent months  I’ve managed to “bandaid and/or fix ‘er up a bit” but as she was laid to rest today I came back to Kipling’s quote and realised that the simple pleasure of having running hot water on tap must be one of those little (first world) things to delight in.  I am grateful.  I am grateful that I have a home, that I have a job which can help to pay for the replacement of said hot water system.

I am grateful I have the time to delight in the little things.  This evening I will be expressing that by indulging in a hot tub with bubbles, candles and music.

May your little things be amazing.

bubbles and candles.jpg