Libreria Acqua Alta | Venice

The joy of finding small treasures in a foreign country and the excitement of finding a new bookshop, Nora from The Art of Travelling has successfully managed to combine the two. As someone else who loves the quirky, quaint and sometimes ridiculous I have to say she is on to a winner with this one. Pop on over to her blog and have a read of her other articles too.

The Art of Exploring

Libreria Acqua Alta
Libreria Acqua Alta
I remember finding out about this bookshop while watching a documentary on Venice during wintertime with my mum last year. I found it hard to believe that such a place existed in real life and was not a part of a film set. So when I went to Venice last January, I couldn’t wait to see it with my own eyes. It was actually one of the first thing I ticked off my ‘to-see-list’. It’s no easy feat to locate the Libreria Acqua Alta, like most places in Venice, really. I was walking on a shopping street, literally about to give up, when I stumbled upon a little square, or campiello as they call it there. At the back of it, an arched entrance, lit up from inside, seemed to invite me in. Could it be it, I thought, trying to match what I saw with my televised memory…

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Community, Blogging, Wonderful Worlds

Day 3 – Blogging 101 task of the day is not a difficult one.  Add five new topics to your reader and find five new blogs to follow.   Easily achieved, though I noted my Reader showed I many tags I already followed.  So very many.   A brief search on each tag for any appealing new blogs rustled up two to follow. Then adding a few considered tags and I interestingly located two bloggers with less than 10 followers each.  Buzz, buzz!!  I felt excited for them to receive a new follower, someone unrelated to them.  Special feeling.  As my instinct to hoard was showing, exemplified by a large number of tags, I managed them by deleting less well-considered ones, also adding several new topics.  Strangely enough, though I know several bloggers who do regularly monthly pieces with a specific title, not one came up from a tag search.  Not one person, so I may eventually start that tag.   Now, with new reading material sorted, a beautiful warm evening and a chilled glass of vino at hand I think its time to retire from class and enjoy entering the many other worlds on offer, it may just be your world I am lurking in.  Salute!

What’s In a Name?

Today I happened to be stewing on the name of my page so it’s funny that today’s assignment is exactly that.  I was wondering if I chose something that is right for me and what I want to do.   I came to the conclusion it is.  Perhaps it’s a little long, maybe not.  But it states exactly what I want – I want to recognise in each small (and big) thing something that is special, that sets it apart from everything else.  I want to be amazed.   I want to be amazed in my garden and in my kitchen, in my photographs, in coffee with the girls.  I want to be amazed everywhere and all the time.  Whether you choose to follow me and see amazing things or bring my attention to your amazing things is totally up to you, but I hope you come aboard for this journey of mine.  I’d like to share.

**Today I am simply amazed I have managed two blog posts  😉