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Day 3 – Blogging 101 task of the day is not a difficult one.  Add five new topics to your reader and find five new blogs to follow.   Easily achieved, though I noted my Reader showed I many tags I already followed.  So very many.   A brief search on each tag for any appealing new blogs rustled up two to follow. Then adding a few considered tags and I interestingly located two bloggers with less than 10 followers each.  Buzz, buzz!!  I felt excited for them to receive a new follower, someone unrelated to them.  Special feeling.  As my instinct to hoard was showing, exemplified by a large number of tags, I managed them by deleting less well-considered ones, also adding several new topics.  Strangely enough, though I know several bloggers who do regularly monthly pieces with a specific title, not one came up from a tag search.  Not one person, so I may eventually start that tag.   Now, with new reading material sorted, a beautiful warm evening and a chilled glass of vino at hand I think its time to retire from class and enjoy entering the many other worlds on offer, it may just be your world I am lurking in.  Salute!