Why not?

Hi, I’m Deborah.  Why blog?  I ask you, why not?  When deciding whether to journal or blog my decision was based partly on practicality – I type faster than write – and partly because I know there are other people out there interested in similar things as I.  I’ve been reading their blogs for a few years, gardening, travel near to home and far beyond the horizon, sustainability, photography and enjoying a good feed.  I’ve learnt a lot from them.  I’ve laughed a hell of a lot too and even cried occasionally.  It’s given me a simple joy to read them and perhaps someone else may get the same from mine.  I thank all those who have gone before, now it’s my turn for this journey.  Learning keeps the brain cells happy, so I will learn to blog.  I’d like to record the simple things and in the process of doing so perhaps be aware how those simple things can be amazing.  Oh, green is my favourite colour in case you didn’t know – so I made this post green.  Because I like it, because I can.